Confidence Building

Confidence building focuses on improving self-esteem, decision making and assertiveness, to equip you to achieve more in your personal, work and social relationships or your ability to cope with stress – and simply to get more out of life.
This may involve overcoming long-standing self-doubt, negative thinking or fears that may have roots in past childhood, adolescence or psychological trauma issues. Alternatively, it may require an educational approach to abilities in team working, time management or building relationships at work.
I will use a number of approaches to address these, including cognitive behavioural, schema and solution focussed methods so that you can move forward with greater assurance and a sense of achievement. With all programmes, the aim is to put you in control of your thinking and emotions, so that you will be better equipped to deal with life’s difficulties stresses and problems. Additionally coaching will help you to set goals that are realistic and achievable in all aspects of your life.

The relationship between coach and client is very important because the outcomes of successful coaching are dependent upon working closely together to overcome problems, set goals and monitor progress. I will therefore spend time, particularly during the early sessions, to build the relationship.

In common with therapists and counsellors, registered life coaches are bound by a strict code of ethical practice and confidentiality. It will be important therefore, that you give your coach as much information as you can to enable a meaningful and successful working relationship.

Psychological Life Coaching is a practical, effective and sustainable way to help you improve your self-confidence, understand and manage problems or stress and move your life forward