Many people come up against problems or hurdles that interfere in their relationships, work life or personal confidence. If you find that these difficulties affect you, you may become stressed, anxious, depressed, withdrawn or simply lose your self-confidence and zest for life, work and relationships. This can lead to mental health issues or a feeling of being trapped in a unsolvable situation. Life Coaching can help open emotional and practical doors that you feel have been closed to you. In particular, it can improve your self-esteem and self-confidence to put you back in charge of your emotions, ambitions and ability to cope with stress. Life Coaching works through building a strong relationship with the coach so that, by working together, you can develop your confidence to overcome problems and achieve your goals.

I am a qualified Life Coach with a background of over 40 years as a healthcare practitioner and consultant manager in the NHS and independent healthcare sector. I am registered with the Association for Coaching, an Associate of the British Society for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), an Affiliate of the Society for Coaching Psychology and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

How I Work
My coaching practise is based on cognitive behavioural methods, which I enhance with solution focussed problem solving and compassion focussed therapy, together with stress management techniques. In these ways, I can construct programmes that meet each client’s needs and adapt them for on-going support. Building or re-building self-confidence and self-esteem is often an important component of my coaching programmes and this can help greatly with resolving personal, work or relationship difficulties.

Every programme is designed to help clients identify their difficulties and then to learn to manage, control or change their thinking and behaviours towards a more fulfilling, less stressful life. The emphasis is on self-understanding and self-confidence and interventional solution finding, rather than therapy.

"I had coaching sessions with Ian regarding my confidence (or lack of). Ian's approach and exercises used, help me to step into my personal "zone" and realise that the issue was within me only. Ian has a great vocal approach and guides you to find the answers yourself. I would thoroughly recommend an initial discussion with Ian as he really can help you!"